Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday Mom had the annual Easter egg hunt in her back yard.  It was beautiful weather for the egg hunt.  The boys have been patiently waiting for about a week for it, they were both pretty excited.  Mom invites a bunch of kids from her neighborhood so the boys have other kids to run around with and then play with afterwards. 

When the egg hunt was over, Noah got really upset because he wanted to find more eggs.  So we had a little melt down, I wonder when I will no longer like taking pictures of my crying children. 

Grandma loves little Caitlin, this was her first egg hunt.  Obviously she didn't participate but in a few years she will be out there with the rest of them.

Whenever i give the camera to Jason it is a surprise to see what pictures will be on the camera.  I was shocked to see one of me that I actually sort of liked.

After the egg hunt, and lunch we also had an egg roll down the hill.  I loved all of these of Noah he was pretty proud of himself and did a little dance singing I win, I win, I win.  It was pretty funny.