Friday, December 23, 2011

Gingerbread house

 So we were invited to our neighbors house this last weekend to decorate gingerbread houses but we weren't able to make it.  I was a little bummed we had gone last year and it was fun, although the boys didn't help with the house at all they just played.  So I kept meaning to get our own gingerbread house to decorate but just never got around to it.  Then on Sunday our wonderful neighbors brought us over a kit to make one.  It had the board to put the house on the gingerbread that is made from scratch and a whole bunch of stuff to put on the house. The only thing I needed to do was make the frosting to put it all together with. It was such a nice surprise and makes us once again grateful for the neighborhood that we live in.   Well it sat on the table till Tuesday night before we were able to make time to put it together.

On a side note I didn't make royal icing, I was to lazy, but I had made some cupcakes and a cake for a friends son's birthday so I made a little extra butter cream and saved it for the gingerbread.  I was pretty happy with how it all turned out, except for the beak on the bomb, it should of been 3D, but oh well.

 I was actually really surprise at how excited the boys were to decorate the house.  I put the house together and then let the boys go to town and do whatever they wanted to it.  They had a great time and we pretty much used up all the candy that we were given plus some that I had left from the angry bird cupcakes. 

I have to make fun of Jason for a minute, this is what he looked like when we started decorating, he was in jammies and a white t-shirt.  After I took a few  pictures he disappeared and had changed his shirt.  He wanted me to take some more pictures cause he hates being in a white t-shirt in all the pictures.  I thought it was pretty cute. 

Stupid camera, the flash blew everything out so I shut it off but then the pictures turned out blurry.  I think that our little point and shoot camera may need to be replaced, it just isn't working as well as it use to.  (PS notice the wardrobe change for Jason)

Jason even tried his hand at some decorating on the gingerbread house.  He made some icicles, I was pretty impressed he looked like he knew what he was doing.

Noah went a little crazy at the end with just dumping candy on on the yard of the house.  It was right after this that we had to be done for the night.

Our finished house, it isn't going to win any prizes but I love it cause the boys did it and we had a fun family memory along the way.


Bellamy Family said...

just stand back further and zoom in and then your flash won't blow stuff out or put a peice of paper in front of it so it diffuses the flash