Thursday, December 8, 2011

Binky Update

So I knew that last night was going to be rough with Noah but I really had no idea it was going to be so bad.  It started when we were getting ready for bed and he went through the house to all the places we use to hide the binkys trying to find one and all the time he was crying, this wasn't the screaming or just throwing a fit crying this was a heartbreaking cry.  It made me feel really really bad, here I was taking something away from him that he has had his whole life, something he would use to comfort himself.  Lets just say I felt like a horrible parent. 

We read our books as usual, he cried pretty much the whole time I read just crying for his binky, I had to keep reminding him he was a little boy and little boys don't need binkys only babies have binkys.  Then we talked about how he used his binkys to buy his new trains.  I finally got him semi calmed down and he ended up going to sleep after only putting him back in bed three times.  So I felt that went about as well as it could. 

Then the fun started about 2am when he woke up and wanted a binky, I put him back to bed Jason put him back to bed, I think I handled it pretty good except for the time he got up turned on all the lights in the living room and then tried to go outside.  I got a little mad over that one.  He was up until about 5:30 when he finally went back to sleep.  Both Jason and I are a little sleep deprived today, I feel really bad for Jason, he has to be at work and function.  I think tonight I may make him sleep down on the couch so he can get some sleep. 

Here's to hoping tonight will be better!