Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December activities

So I can't believe that Christmas is almost here this month has flown by.  I figured that I had better catch up on some of the activities that have been going on around here before Christmas comes.

So the first weekend of December Jason had his work Christmas party which was a family thing.  It was at Gallivan center and there was ice skating and then dinner.  The boys were pretty excited to go ice skating (cause Max and Ruby go ice skating, I love how my children relate everything to TV) We got there and got our ice skates on and Jason took Noah out first while I was getting mine and Ashton's skates on so I missed the whole thing but I guess he took one step on the ice and he was done.  Jason tried to carry him but that was against the rules so Noah was done skating for the evening. 

I finally got Ashton and I ready and we headed out, It wasn't awful but it wasn't pretty.  Ash just kept walking on the ice he fell a few times, but he wanted to keep going.  We did quite a few laps around the rink before he was done. 

Then we went and sat down and had some hot chocolate and stood by the fire.  Noah was not his pleasant self this night he kept wanting to run off and then be inside then outside I finally was tired of chasing him in ice skates so I took mine off and returned them. I figured I was done for the night, I figured I wouldn't be able to go out again.

 Jason was a little bummed he wanted us to go a few laps so I got skates back and Jason and I went around a couple of times, while some co workers kept and eye on the boys.  Noah stayed inside and Ashton stood by the rink and took pictures of us.  I was pretty impressed with Ash's pictures he did pretty good.

If you look closely we are in the back on the right side of the picture.

Then it was on to dinner, there isn't much I can say about it except for the fact that it wasn't great and both Jason and I left hungry, that usually isn't a good sign. 

The next Friday my mom called and wondered if the boys and I would like to go to the Dickens Festival with her and the fair grounds.  So she came up and got us and we headed out.  I wasn't in a very good mood hat day so I wasn't thrilled to be going but I am so glad we did it turned out to be pretty fun.  The boys had a blast we got to have some yummy food, and treats and the boys got to go and see Santa and have their picture taken with him for the first time.  I have always wanted to take the boys but Jason always thought it was a waste and most of the time the price for the pictures at the malls were ridiculous.  Please ignore how bad this picture is we don't have a scanner and so I had to take a picture of the picture, but I was pretty happy with it, Ash is cheesing it like he does in all pictures these days, but the shocker is that Noah actually smiled.

We had to have a brief time out while Ashton threw a fit because mean mommy wouldn't let him try a gun, after he already tried the cross bow.  Good thing grandma was there to give him loves.

I am glad that mom made we go and we had a fun time in the end.