Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas eve

So we spent Christmas eve at Mom and Myron's house celebrating with Myron's family.  We had salads and a bunch of appetizers for dinner.  Afterwards we did our gift exchange, it was pretty mild this year I think I was the only person who stole a gift.  Either people were loving what they got or they were just being nice.

It wouldn't be a special occasion without me wanting to have a family picture taken,  we did it right when we got to mom's house before everyone else got there and things turned busy.  The boys are finally both cooperating with pictures for the most part, but now Ashton does the big fake cheese smile instead of a real smile.  Oh well at least he is smiling right!

We hung out for a while and Santa was able to find us at grandma's house to drop off our new jammies.  He is one sneaky man, he was able to leave them on the doorstep and ring the doorbell before anyone saw him.  We all put on our new jammies to go home and get ready for him to come to our house.  But in my haste to get our pj's on and then ready to go home, I forgot to get a picture of us in them.

The boys were pretty excited but they were told that Santa wouldn't be able to come and bring presents until all little boys are asleep.  It didn't take long after that, Santa must of thought that we had some pretty good boys in our house this year.