Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We survived

So I have been trying to get Jason to go camping for a while now.  I love camping I grew up doing it and I wanted my kids to be able to have the experience as well.  Jason is not a camper he likes all things electronic and camping is about as far from that as possible.  Well some friends invited us to go camping with them and to go rafting, and Jason surprisingly enough agreed to go.  So I went about getting us ready to and planning what we needed to take with us.  Then I checked what the weather was going to be like and it was not suppose to be great, rain on and off and the best day was going to be Monday the day we were suppose to go rafting but also the day we headed home. 

I was not thrilled with the what the weather was suppose to be like, but plans were already made and I knew a little rain wouldn't kill us.  I am happy to report that we made it through the weekend and we had a lot of fun doing it.  Jason even had a good time (hallelujah)

We headed to flaming gorge and stayed at the mustang ridge campground.  It was an awesome site, we could see the gorge and the damn from our site, the boys had a blast running around, throwing rocks in the water, playing with the animals, and just being outside.  There were chipmunks all over, Nate, Macie, and Ashton were trying to get the chipmunks to come and eat the crackers they had left out for them.

We were there with two other families the Gibson's and the Maxwell's.  Ashton's new favorite person after this weekend was Kevin, he would of followed him any where it was, Where's "Feven" in Ashton language all day when ever he couldn't find him.  It was actually quite funny.  Sorry Maxwell's I meant to get a family picture but forgot.

Noah we discovered has no fear and no boundaries, he would take off an not look back, he just wanted to explore and see everything.  He loved climbing all over rocks and it made me really nervous especially when we were close to the cliffs.

We got there Saturday early evening and it was cloudy and overcast but we got our tent set up and everything before it started raining.  It wasn't awful it was more like a sprinkle off and on.  We headed to bed and it wasn't too long before it started pouring and it rained all night but we were dry and warm inside the tent.

This was us trying to warm our backsides before going to bed.  We spent a lot of time around the fire, keeping warm.
Sunday we woke up to rain and it kept raining for a few hours, we hung out in the trailer with the Gibson's and before long it stopped raining.  The sun even decided to make an appearance a few times that day.
Ashton first thing in the morning, He was sleeping against the side of the tent so his hair was a mess.

Good morning Kol family

The boys wanted breakfast, so Fruit loops it was!!  We had an some awesome breakfast burritos later, that of course Ashton wanted nothing to do with but Noah loved them and couldn't get enough.  I couldn't either for that matter I had two and then had to stop myself from having any more they were delicious.

Baby Ben was happy most of the time hanging out in the back pack as long as he was outside and could see people.

Monday we woke up to cloudy and over cast then the sun came out and turned out to be a nice day.  We ended up not going rafting, we didn't get an early enough start and Jason didn't want to get home to late, which I totally understand. 

But the one big deciding factor were the boys, they were done we had melt downs from both of them so it was time to go home.  Here is Noah throwing a fit because I told him no.   He threw himself on the ground and laid there for a couple of mins before he got up. I was sitting by the fire laughing at him.  I pulled out the camera took a picture then took a video of him before I got went to comfort him, am I a bad mom?  who knows but it was too funny not to have evidence of.  What I should of gotten was a picture of his face when he got up, he had dirt stuck to one whole side of his face. 

This was Noah not long after, he had been calmed down and he wanted in his car set while I was loading up the car.

I am so glad that we went and we had a great time,  I am hopeful that I will be able to talk Jason into going again.


Kevin and Amber said...

It was fun. You need to send me the pics since I wasn't very good at taking them.

Natalie said...

AHHHH, you did it!!! You posted the bum picture, how embarassing. HELLO reality check, I have a big bum!
We had fun, I am so glad you guys came, you got some great pictures, I will have to steel the one of our view of the lake:)