Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We started out our weekend a little early.  Jason took Thursday and Friday off so he had a five day weekend.  My Dad was going camping and invited us along, but Jason wanted to tackle a house project while he was off so that is what we did.  Our deck has definitely seen better days, it was kind of a death trap I hated using it and I would not let the boys play on it at all.  I have searched to find a good picture of it but I can't find one and I didn't think to take a picture before he started to take it down.  It was missing steps, the railing were wobbly and if you moved much the deck would move with you. 

Jason was able to get the deck all taken down Friday, then  he needed to figure out how to build a new deck in its place.  He spent the rest of the night researching what needed to happen. 

Sat was not so productive we were only able to get the ledger up (it is an important part in keeping the deck attached to the house and helping make the deck safe).  My Mom and Myron came up and Myron was able to help Jason, I was not as helpful as he wanted with two little boys needing constant attention.

Sun we were able to finish the ledger, the beams and the joists.  I think the employees at Home Depot should  be recognizing us by now with the amount of times we have been there lately.  Mom and Myron came to help again then they took Ashton home with them, they were going to take Ashton to Day out with Thomas up in Heber on Monday. 

Monday Jason and I got most of the decking up and installed by the time mom and Myron got back with Ashton. Mom said he had a lot of fun even though he wasn't feeling well.  Aaron came up and we had a BBQ in the backyard.  It was a pretty low key holiday weekend. 

The deck is already much much more stable and secure than it was before.  I am excited to have it finished and to have a deck that we can use and I don't have to worry about it falling while we are on it.


Lisa said...

i cant believe he just taught himself how to build a deck - and then built it. nutts.

Natalie said...

A new deck, sweet!
I love your new car.

Jake said...

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