Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More activity

So went went to Primary Childrens today for Ashton's follow up appointment.  I have been trying to prepare him for this visit for about a week (he doesn't like dr's) telling him she was going to check him out and see if his head was all better and if it was then he would be able to go and play at the park again.  He was so excited we haven't been to the park since before his fall. 

Everything looks good, she wants us to introduce some more activity, but still being a little cautious.  No trampoline and no summer saults, or scooter for another month.  But he is free to play again and he can ride his bike again.  We have to go back in 3 months to make sure things are still looking good.  I am so glad that we can now go back to our normal daily lives.


Kevin and Amber said...

that means you can come to playgroup!!!

klynnphotography said...

YAY!!! outside play :) it will take a lot longer for you to be back in the swing of things though ... hard to ever forget something like a head injury. here's to HELICOPTER MOMS:) I'm glad you got good news at the dr's ... at least someone did:)