Friday, June 11, 2010

Flower Beds

Last year Jason and I wanted to re do our flower beds.  So I pulled out the few bushes that were there and that was about as far as we got.  I am not one that likes to do yard work.  I love having a nice looking yard I just don't want to have to be the one to take care of it.  Does that sound horrible?  maybe but it is how I feel.

There are a few stray bulbs that are left.  I am just waiting for them to go brown then I will pull them up and they will be gone.

So here came my mom to the rescue, (she does this alot coming to my rescue) she and a friend who knows a lot about flowers and stuff came up and looked at the flower beds and drew up a plan.  They came up last week and made it happen.  I love how it turned out, it looks great and I know it will look even better when things have a chance to grow and get bigger.  I have even been out watering them everyday like I was told to for the first week.  Lets say I am very glad I don't have to water like that any more.  Ashton actually helped me water a couple of times, he lasted for about 5 mins and he was done but it was still fun to involve him.

Thanks mom and Catherine for coming and doing such a great job.  I never could of done this on my own.


Bellamy Family said...

looks awesome!!

pam gebhardt said...

It was a fun adventure, I'm glad you like how it turned out. It will be even more beautiful as everything grows and fills in. Enjoy! Love Ya!