Friday, June 25, 2010

Marilynn and Kirk's Wedding

My good friend Marilynn got married last night and she had asked me to do her wedding cake.  I was so excited for her and I was so happy to do her cake.  I did her cake for her for a wedding present, I hope she liked how it turned out, I was thrilled with it.  She wanted a key lime cake and I had never made one before, so I did some research and found some recipes online and tried out a few.  Then I made 4 different types of icing to try also, two types of butter cream and two types of cream cheese.  I had Marilynn come and taste them and we decided on one.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  It was a key lime cake with a key lime flavored whipped cream cheese icing and filling then covered with fondant.

While Marilynn and Kirk were cutting the cake I noticed the little finger mark in the cake, I thought it was pretty funny.  Kids just can't seem to resist putting their fingers in the cake.

They got married in the Bearnson's backyard and it was a beautiful night for a wedding it was a perfect night.  I am so happy for both of them and I wish them lots of happiness.

Mom and Myron were there and it was nice to have them to help out with the boys, Jason was not able to make it he was still at work.

I wanted a picture of me and the boys, but I waited to long and it was the end of the night and both of them were tired and ready to go home. 


Kevin and Amber said...

you are so talented that cake is awesome.

Bellamy Family said...

man, I wish you had been around to make my cake!! You really are sooooooooo talented:)

Bellamy Family said...

just had a thought ... I think you should make me one just like that and I'll swap out the pictures in my wedding scrapbook
that's the only way i remember what mine looked like anyway. it's a win win

Natalie said...

WOW, high five Kara. That cake is AWESOME! I especially like the finger holes, you can start a trend.