Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mastering the stairs

Noah has been crawling for 2 weeks now, I can't believe he is already that big the time has flown by. He has been so happy with his new found freedom. About 3 days after he started crawling he pulled himself up into a standing position. He has already gotten himself some good bruises from falling. (Poor Noah he suffers from the second child syndrome. I never would of let Ashton get himself into situations where he would fall and hurt himself, but with Noah I am much more laid back and have the lets see what happens attitude.)

It took him about a week to get steady with the crawling now he is crawling like a champ, its time to move onto the next thing, the stairs. He has been attempting them for about a week now, yesterday he made it up the entire flight of stairs. I was at the top encouraging him up and filming him, now I think about it the responsible thing would of been to be behind him I still could of gotten it on video, oh well he made it without any casualties. Maybe I am remembering things wrong, but Noah sure seems to be progressing a lot quicker than Ashton did. I have a feeling that this baby will be walking before I know it.

(I had a video of him climbing the stairs but it won't load, so I will post that later)


Ariana said...

I think it's great to let him go up the stairs (supervised, of course haha). It's good for the muscles! Then when he's ready to walk he'll be steadier and not get as many bonks. :)