Tuesday, July 28, 2009

puddle time

A couple of weeks ago we had a sudden Sunday afternoon rainstorm. Which left some big puddles in the road. I let Ashton go and play in them for a while, he loved it at first he was a little hesitant but it didn't take him long to get soaked.

Since Ashton was little he has had this thing about sticking out his tongue, he would do it all the time for no apparent reason, now he only sticks it out when he is concentration on something. He wanted to make sure he was running through those puddles just right.

Later that night he was using Daddy as a jungle gym.

Torte loves to sleep with the boys. When she first started to try to sleep with Ashton when he was a baby, I would immediately take her out of the crib. As Ashton got older I gave up and let her sleep with him. Most nights she is curled up next to Ashton, which I am fine with. Now Torte and decided she wants to sleep with Noah. I don't like her sleeping with Noah yet, when he gets older it wouldn't bug me as much. So if she is found in the crib, she is immediately removed. This time I did have to grab my camera and take a picture, then she was taken out of the crib.


Ariana said...

Love the yoga move on Jason... free back massage. Sorta.