Monday, July 6, 2009

swimming lessons

I signed up Ashton for swimming lessons a few weeks ago. I thought it would be a good idea and now that I am at home and can do these things. Jason was home the first day of the lessons, so he came along and took care of Noah and took some pictures.

Ashton had a death grip on me most of the time. We didn't do much this time, it was all about getting comfortable in the water. We had to dunk the kids to different levels, we started with the chin, then the lips, nose and finally the eyes. I was only able to get to the nose with Ashton.

Then we had to get them to lay on their backs in the water. Ashton hates this in any water, I finally was able to get him semi comfortable in that position, I just had to have his head on my shoulder. That was pretty much the class this week. It is only 25 mins long twice a week, which I think it about right for these little kids. We missed the second class because we were in AZ. So we will see how he does this next week.