Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday weekend

Thanks to my wonderful husband I had an awesome birthday weekend. For every decade I got to have a day of celebration. It started Friday night with roses, dinner and shopping. Saturday we went to breakfast, worked in the yard, went to lunch then, went out with some friends. Sunday I got the best gift ever, Ashton slept in until 9:00am it was awesome he knew what would make mom the happiest. Then we went to my mom's house for a party with the family. It was a fun filled weekend that I didn't have to make a meal, got to sleep in, I even got out of changing dirty diapers. It wasn't a bad was to bring in my 30's

Ashton being silly eating a rice krispy treat


Ariana said...

Glad you had a fun b-day....those roses are beautiful!!

Lisa said...

if only it would have involved a margarita! but for good reason! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) :) :) :) :)