Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

These are the beautiful flowers Jason brought home for me. They are gorgeous, I love them. I know lots of people think it is so cliche to get flowers for valentines day, but I for one love getting them. I know that Jason picks them out himself and they are always beautiful. I hope he never stops.

I went to bootcamp early today so that we could go to dinner tonight. We had Ashton with us which is okay so we couldn't go to a real fancy place. We chose one of our favorites, mexican food.

We tried to get a picture of all three of us but Ashton was not liking having his picture taken at that time. But it was cute of Jason and I so I just cropped him out. It wasn't the most romantic valentines ever but we were all together and that is what matters the most. I just want Jason to know how much I love him and what a wonderful husband he is.


Lisa said...

alllright - mexican food - what did you eat?
i didnt have the valentines cookies i wanted, but we did have chinese tonight (i had sesame tofu)

OH and before i forget to comment - you look GREAT! totally skinnier in those 2 photos you just posted! you can tell in your face! maybe its time for a before and after shot! :)