Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012

So we rang in the new year with our friends the Bellamys. We headed to their house and had lots of yummy food and played the new game that Jason gave me for Christmas. While we were playing 7 Wonders, the boys (we have 5 of them between the 2 families) were watching movies, and playing. Korie had said she was going to put her boys to bed at 9:00 which I was okay with, my boys will sleep almost anywhere as long as they have their blankets. But they were being so good, we had two little incidents with Noah pushing people but other than that they were all happy and got along. So we didn't make anyone go to bed, well the baby did go to bed and so did Mason but the other 3 stayed up and rang in the new year with us.

The boys were watching Star Wars

It usually takes about three or four tries for a good picture with Jason he is always making a funny face.  I guess he should cooperate or else he is going to look funny on the blog!!

Boys watching a movie all cozy with their blankets

We loved the new game we ended up playing it all night and not playing anything else.

The traditional kissing midnight picture.  I am usually pretty good with this kind of picture, but I cut us off a little this time.

We tried to get the first family picture of 2012, but Noah wasn't being very cooperative, at least he isn't screaming in this one.  And yes I am in my pj's I needed to be comfortable.

I still can't believe that these three made it till midnight.  I knew that Sunday was going to be a little rough with two tired boys.  Ashton did awesome all day then fell asleep almost the minute his head hit the pillow.  Noah on the other hand had a tough day, he threw lots of fits, and ended up having a nap which he had to be woken up from so he would go to bed that night.  He was then awful the rest of the night and then wouldn't go to bed until almost 10:00.  Next year they aren't staying up!


Korie Bellamy Photography said...

"next year they aren't staying up" this made me laugh out loud!! :) We had a really fun time -- I was so tempted to call you sunday to play some more ... but you know that second day never goes as well and I didn't want to sully the memory of our awesome night!!

Korie Bellamy Photography said...

I thought the floating lanterns were the culmination of a such a great night ... just wish I would have snapped some photos

Kara said...

Now I would of loved to play 7 wonders again, sunday would of been awful secause how onry Noah was :) and yes the lanterns were awesome, we should think of something like that for next year.

Anonymous said...

My husband smiles like that when he doesn't want his picture taken, which is about 99% of the time, ha. Not sure why guys do that? :-) Have a good week!