Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Blues

I just have to say I hate January's, it is a rough month for me.  I know most people get so excited with organizing and making resolutions for the new year, I may try and do that also but it only last for a day or two then I am back in this mini depression I get every January.  I can't wait till the month is over, I know it sounds unreasonable but once February hits I start to feel like my old self again.  I can once again get up in the morning and get going, I can get dressed for the day, and plan activities for the boys so they don't drive me crazy.   

Even though I am struggling life still goes on around me, Noah has been loving helping me make cookies lately.  I don't know if I should admit how often we have been making them lately, but in my defense the batches are really small and don't even make two dozen cookies.  I found a great peanut butter cookie recipe that Jason can eat that doesn't have any flour in them.  They are really good and if I didn't say anything about them not having any flour you would never know.

Last night we had some more snow Ashton wanted to go outside and play so we headed out, he was playing I was shoveling.  Noah had fallen asleep on the couch so when he woke up he came out with us to.  The boys wanted to make a snowman, which meant they wanted me to make a snow man for them.  So I did, we found some arms for it and I got a quick picture of Noah with it then a few minutes later it fell over, I guess I am not the best snowman maker. 

On Sunday we went to my Dad's house to have a welcome to Utah dinner for my grandma, she has moved in with my Dad and Val, she can't be on her own anymore so it will be nice to have her closer so we can see her more often.  She will have to adjust to our weather though, she is use to living in Mesa. She has to be on oxygen all the time now so she has this long tubing that follows her around the house.  Its kind of funny, but I know she hates to feel so tied down she is use to doing and going where she wants.  I thought it was cute we were all sitting in the living room and Grandma wanted to hold Ashton, she said she wanted to see if she could hold a big boy like him.  Ashton is such a good kid he willing went on her lap and let me take a picture. 

Jason is so so so busy with work he is working 50-60 hours a week and then on top of that he has school 3 nights a week, so needless to say we don't get to see him much and when he is home, like on the weekends he has to spend his time doing homework, this semester is going to be a rough one I think.  He has even had nights where he leaves work heads to school, then goes back to the office.  The boys are definitely missing having daddy around, especially Ashton he gets sad if he can't say goodbye in the mornings if Jason has to leave before he is awake.  Noah on the other hand one can never tell, one minute he wants daddy the next he wants nothing to do with him.  One night Jason was reading on the couch and I went to find him to go to bed and he was passed out, cuddling with one of the boys stuffed animals.  I actually woke him up with taking this picture.  I  am so proud of Jason and what he is doing for our family, he works so hard to provide a very good living for us and also is going to school so that he can be a good example to the boys.  I know it is hard and he misses being with the family but, he is doing what he has to and we love him for all the hard work that he does.  He is getting so close to being done, he has a year and he should be done by December so we are all so excited by that news.

Most night once the boys are in bed and while I am waiting for Jason to get home I curl up on the couch and try to catch up on some TV, some nights I have more company than others.


Natalie said...

That is so funny that you did the same thing, Amber was just telling me about yours. So TRUE!
My aunt says January is like Nevada, you have to get through it to get to better things.

Korie Bellamy Photography said...

SPRING SPRING SPRING!! Decorate for Easter right after Valentines ... this really helped me the year I was struggling with the blues:) and come visit ... make yourself leave your house.
talk to you soon, Korie