Monday, January 16, 2012

January Happenings

So there really hasn't been to much going on around here lately.  Jason has started the semester again so he is gone 3 nights a week for school, so it is just me and the boys a lot of the time.  Some days I am okay with that and some days bedtime can't come fast enough.  One night Noah was being particularly awful and he fell asleep around dinner time.  I let him sleep for about an hour, but I couldn't get him to wake up, I finally put him to bed at 7:00, I can't lie I was pretty excited to have him asleep, but in the back of my mind I knew it wasn't going to be a good thing.  Sure enough he woke up about 4am and kept getting up every 15 mins.  There was no way I was letting him stay awake, finally he fell asleep again around 5:30 and slept till the much more reasonable hour of 7:00am.  Never again am I putting a child to bed at 7:00pm. 

We got Noah a Thomas the train potty, so let the potty training begin.  I am so not looking forward to this, nothing with Noah has been easy so I can't expect this to be.  I am hoping with the right amount of Thomas the train bribery I can make it through. 

As you can see both boys were pretty excited to open the box

I realize that one day Noah is going to hate me for taking this picture, but oh well I will deal with it when the time comes.  He will sit on the potty but that is all nothing happens, right after this he wanted Thomas underwear on so I went and dug out Ashton's old underwear and put a pair on him. It only took him 3 mins before he peed his pants.  This potty training is going to take a long time!

Noah has been my little cookie helper, he actually was quite cute about it.  He sat on the counter and dumped in all the ingredients while I did the actual mixing.  I found a peanut butter cookie recipe for Jason that is gluten free, he has been in cookie heaven since. 

I have a new favorite salad, I guess it isn't new I have been making it for months now but I think it is saying something that I can eat it as often as I do and I am not sick of it yet.

We woke up to snow this morning and the boys friend from across the street came over and the boys spent about 2 hours outside sledding and playing in the snow.  At one point they pulled out the scooters and bikes but then they quickly realized why they aren't so much fun in the snow, they don't move well. 

The boys got a new tube for Christmas and this is the first chance they have had to get it out and use it.  I think it looks like a lot of fun, I want to take it to a larger hill and try it out for myself.