Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just some rambling from a stay at home mom

Okay so here is another post of just random happenings this week, I have been lazy and haven't gotten around to posting lately.
I went to IKEA on Monday with both of the boys. I had Noah in the Baby Bjorn and Ashton was in the stroller. It wasn't actually to bad until I started buying things and ran out of space in the stroller. I then tried to carry a bag but that got to heavy. I ended up pushing the stroller and pulling a cart behind me.

I decided to get Ashton a blanket for his bed, he has needed one and when I saw this one I thought it would be perfect in his room. When I put it on his bed he wasn't to happy about it and tried to pull it off, that was until I showed him the animals then he was happy about it being on his bed. I wasn't sure how Ashton would like it when he went to be, he has never been one to like any other blanket other then his little blue one. But he got into bed and snuggled right in. It is actually for a twin size bed, so it is too big for the bed, but then it don't have to get new bedding when we do buy a bigger bed for him.

On Wednesday my new camera got here. It is a Nikon D60.

I am so excited although I do feel a little overwhelmed in not really knowing how to use the camera for anything other than pointing and shooting right now. I want to take a photography class so I can take better pictures and learn more about my new camera. I have been playing with it, I think it might become my new hobby.


Ariana said...

Cute blanket! I'm glad Ashton decided finally that he liked it. Preston's the same way with new always takes some convincing.

I am jealous of your camera! Man, that looks like fun. I'm glad that awesome cameras don't have to cost thousands of dollars anymore. My dad got me a really good digital photography book but it's geared towards SLRs, and I don't have one yet. Someday... :) You are so creative and artistic--I bet you'll take awesome pictures once you figure out all your bells and whistles. :)

pam gebhardt said...

I'm so excited that you have this camera, you will love it! You will take amazing pictures. It will be great when you can take a class and learn all that you can do with it. Have fun!!