Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Huge thanks

I have to give a huge thanks to all of my parents. They have been so great to help out with the boys for the last three weekends. It started with my dad and Val coming and watching the boys while Jason and I went to a movie and dinner. The next weekend my mom and Myron came and watched the boys while we went to dinner with some friends then played games. Then this last weekend my mom took Ashton over night on Sat so that I could have a little break and hopefully a little more sleep. Ashton loves to be at grandmas house so it isn't hard for me to send him away for the night. He loves it so much that when Jason and I went to pick him up he didn't even care that we were there and basically ignored us. I know as soon as Noah is no longer attached to me, he will love to spend time with grandma and grandpa too.

So once again a big thanks to my parents. I can't imagine not having you around to help out like you do.


pam gebhardt said...

We love having Ashton come and stay, he's such a delight for us! I can't wait to spend more time with Noah, it's amazing to see him smile and coo. I think we need to work less and play with the grandkids more!! Life is just too short to not enjoy every minute. Thanks for sharing the kids! You and me also need some Mom and Kara time...a spa day sounds heavenly.
Love Ya,