Thursday, January 8, 2009

Really Bad Mommy

Okay so today, I am officially a bad mommy.

I had gone down and had lunch with my mom in Provo, on my way home I decided that I needed to stop at Archiver's which was at the mall. I got Ashton out of the car and got the stroller out of the trunk. I asked Ashton if he wanted to sit in the stroller and surprisingly he did so I put my purse and keys down in the trunk to get him in the stroller. I got him settled grabbed my purse and shut the trunk. I headed to get Noah out of the car. Imagine my surprise when the doors to the car were locked. I don't know how the doors got locked, I must of pushed the wrong button when I opened the trunk. At that moment I realized that my keys were in the trunk. I have never done anything like this before. Surprisingly I didn't panic to bad, Noah was asleep and I knew he was plenty warm for the time being. I called Jason to get the insurance number for road side assistance. When they said that it was going to take about an hour to get some there, they suggested calling 911. So I did, they got there in about 10 mins, it another 5 to get the car unlocked. The officer said that this happens all the time, when I said how embarrassed I was. Noah slept the whole time, but I still felt awful. I never thought that I would be one of those mom's that does that but here I am.

Ashton was such a good boy during this whole time. He sat in the stroller ate his crackers and played with his car. I got Ashton out and we still went shopping


Bellamy Family said...

That probably took some of the fun out of Archivers ... maybe you bought more to sooth yourself:) At least you didnt forget Noah entirely, you remembered him before you went into the mall (which with Archivers I think that's a feat)
:) funny funny
You're a bad mom when you stay in and a bad mom when you go out :) lol

Tricia said...

What a story! Way to keep your would have been easy to freak out and I'm sure lots of mommas have! And just for the record you are not a bad mommy! I could tell you a few...okay, lots of stories about things happening to my kiddos while in my care?!

Ariana said...

Oh man, that could totally happen to anybody! Especially if you have a newer car that locks itself. My mom's camry (I think it's a 2004) does that and it totally drove me CRAZY.

A couple years ago I took Preston on a walk and when we got back I realized I didn't have my keys and the door was locked out of the house. Thankfully I had my cell phone and called my mom who came and took us to their house till Jeff got home from work. I bought a little carabiner and started automatically hooking my keys to a belt loop, plus I have a spare key in my purse.

Glad everything worked out! I'm glad the cop was nice and didn't make you feel worse by saying anything stupid.

Lisa said...

LOL. I was waiting for the story after i saw this on facebook. glad all was well. and i bet you wont do it again! :)