Monday, January 5, 2009

Bad Mommy ????

This is what my children are doing while I am blogging, I can't decide if I should feel bad or not.

I laid Noah on the floor next to me so I could use both hands to type and he fell asleep there. Instead of moving him and taking the chance he would wake up and not go back to sleep, I left him there to sleep.
Ashton was in the family room watching Toy Story, when I went to check on him, he had turned on the portable DVD player and was watching Ice Age on that one.


Bellamy Family said...

That's awesome!! I am so doing that too, but I do have the excuse of being really ill :) I love this take a picture a day though because you write about stuff that you wouldn't normally ever comment on. like Spencer took a picture of me laying my head on the table yesterday and I took a picture of Mason fighting his medicine ... stuff like that

Meinhart family said...

I'm with you...once asleep don't move um!!! Your boys sure are handsome!