Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5 months

Caitlin is 5 months today (well actually on the 15th I just didn't get this post finished) I can't believe how fast the time has gone by.  She is such a wonderful baby I seriously could not love her more.  She has been a little grouchy lately and I am not sure why.  I think she might be teething, she has been drooling a ton lately and she chews on everything.  But I keep feeling in her mouth and nothing is coming through yet.  She hasn't been sleeping as great this last week she has woken up twice this week and nothing seems to calm her down, so I had to feed her.  I don't feel like I can complain much about it because she has been such an awesome sleeper.  She has been sleeping through the night since she was about 2 months old.  But it does make for one tired mom in the mornings.

Some fun facts, she rolls over all the time from her back to stomach.  She doesn't mind being on her stomach.  She loves to stand when you are holding her.  I pulled out the exersaucer she only kind of likes it.  I had to raise it to the highest setting so she could stand up in it and that seems to help with her liking being in it for longer periods of time.  She loves her daddy, she lights up when she sees him.  She loves her big brother Ashton, she likes Noah but it more cautious around him.  He is definitely more rough with her.  She breaks out of her swaddler all of the time so I guess it is time to put that away, so that has made naps and bed time a little harder.  She likes to sleep with her hands behind her head.  I am still nursing her, I said my goal was to go 6 months like I did with Noah.  But this time around it doesn't bother me as much, I actually enjoy feeding her so we will see how long the nursing continues.  She does this funny thing while eating she kind of hums, it is really cute to listen to.  I had to take a video of it just so I could remember it.  She hates to be put down then have you walk of the room.  She loves to grab her feet and put them in her mouth.  She has the most glorious plump arms and legs, I just want to kiss on her all the time.  She doesn't love being in her car seat, she fusses and cries, especially if the car stops for any reason.  I have found the only thing to calm her down sometimes is baby Einstein.  I bought these holders that clip onto the headrest that I can put an ipad or my phone in so I can play a video for her.  So far it has worked out great, especially when I remember to bring an ipad with me.  If I have forgotten my phone does work it is just smaller. 

Our nap schedule it pretty good she takes a short little nap in the morning about 2 hours after she has woken up, then in the afternoon she takes a long nap usually 3-4 hours.  Depending on when she goes down she might need another short cat nap in the evening before bed.  She is usually in bed by 8 or 8:30 and she sleeps all night.  I have been so lucky to have such a great sleeper.