Tuesday, July 9, 2013

20 weeks

20 weeks, already where has the time gone.  We celebrated the 4th of July this last week I will talk more about that later.  I went a little crazy with her outfits, yes that is plural.  I bought one at Costco it was cute and I was happy about it.  Then I found these pants on a one day sale and I had to have them so, then I had to go on the hunt for things to go with the outfit.  In the end she looked adorable on the 3rd and 4th of July. 

She is still one awesome baby, she is rolling over all the time.  I have to put her against things so she won't roll over immediately when she is put on her back.  She still only rolls over on her left side, and she hasn't figured out how to roll onto her back when she is on her tummy.  She has been breaking out of her swaddler for a while now.  It is the norm for me to go in and check on her and she is completely broken free.  I need to get something else for her, but then I am also dreading it cause she is such a good sleeper with the routine we have and I am afraid if I change something that will change.