Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vegas Baby!!

So last week Jason had to go to Vegas for work and he asked if I wanted to come along with him.  I thought why not, so I drove down with the boys and we had great time.  I know a lot of people think Vegas and kids aren't a good match, but I was surprised at the amount of things they have for kids to do.  So we dropped Jason off at the airport on Tuesday and then we headed on our way,  we made a stop to buy the boys a new game for their leapsters and that I have to say was such a good idea on my part, they played with those leapsters almost the entire ride down to Vegas except for when they both fell asleep.  We had to stop in St George so I could go to Swig and place my friend has been raving about and it totally held up to its reputation.  I got a sugar cookie (the best I have had in I think ever) and a diet mountain dew with mango puree.

 We got to Vegas and it was dinner time so we got settled in our room we were staying at the Wynn and waited for Jason for  about 30 mins and we headed off to dinner. 

After dinner we walked to TI so see the show they do outside, we had about 30 mins to wait for it to start, the boys were so excited to see the show and were starting to get restless, so Jason was trying to keep them entertained, and then tragedy struck for Noah.  He had been wearing this gold necklace (they were left over from their pirate party in November) well he had brought it from home and had been wearing it all day, he was playing with Jason and he made him do a flip and the necklace fell off his neck and landed on the boardwalk we were standing on and as Jason bent down to pick it up it slipped between the boards and landed in the water below.  Noah immediately started to sob, he was so upset he just wanted his necklace, it was so sad and yet so funny at the same time how sad he was over this silly necklace.  I finally got him calmed down when they announced that they weren't going to be able to do the show because of high winds. 

These pictures were right before Noah lost his necklace

The boys were so sad over this one but there was nothing we could do, so we left and headed to Walgreen's to try and find Noah a replacement for his necklace.  This child was so funny he would be fine one minute then the next he was heartbroken again over his lost necklace.  We made it to Walgreen's and the boys got to pick out a new necklace, we got a few treats and headed back to the hotel.  We had a couple of blocks to walk back to the Wynn and Noah had a new necklace that he seemed happy with but still he stopped and few times to  cry again over his lost necklace. 

Noah showing off his new necklace in the lobby of the Wynn

Wednesday we got up and I let the boys watch some cartoons, they were in heaven, I never let them watch TV in the mornings.  Jason headed off to his conference and we wouldn't see him till around dinner time.  I slowly got ready and we eventually made it out of the room, it did take some convincing I think the boys would of been happy to stay and watch cartoons for as long as I would of let them. 

Our first stop was to head to Caesars Palace and we checked out the big aquarium and we had some lunch there also.  I tried to check out a few stores but the boys weren't so cooperative so we moved on.  Our next stop was Mandalay Bay to see the Shark Reef, the boys were pretty excited about this one, we had to wait about 10-15 mins in line for our tickets  but it didn't think that was so bad, I started talking to a couple of ladies in front of us and the one made a comment I still don't know quite how to take, she asked me if we were from Utah, then she said I figured you were by how you were dressed.  I looked like I was from Utah I don't know if that was a compliment or not. 

We finally made it in and I had a struggle with Noah wanted to be slow and check things out he kept wanting to run through everything, actually that's what he did the whole time we were in Vegas he ran everywhere we went, I spent a lot of time yelling "Noah come back you are to far" "Noah hold my hand there are to many people" "Noah come back, too far" I guess at least he was really good other than that.  The shark reef was fun there were lots of fun fish and sharks to check out and the boys had fun so that's what counts right! Of course at the end they make you go through the gift shop so the boys picked out matching sharks and were pretty happy with themselves.  So we headed back to the car, I am so glad we got there when we did cause the line was about 4 times as long and the boys would of never been able to wait that long. 

This just makes me laugh the boys would run to get on the escalators then Ashton had to sit cause his leags were tired. 

We finally made it back to our room and I was so glad to be able to relax for a minute and no more herding Noah, along the boys I think were happy to play and be able to watch more cartoon till Daddy was done for the day.  We headed to dinner and ate at Margaritaville, it wasn't that great the best part was the balloon people the boys enjoyed that and it kept them entertained.  After dinner we headed back to the hotel once again to just hang out. 

We never did get a great family picutre so we tried in the elevator on our way to the room for the night.

We only had one bed in the room so I had then bring up a roll-a-away for the boys to sleep on.  It worked out perfectly one boy on each end. 

We were leaving the next morning Jason was going to drive home with us so we weren't going to leave till around noon, I thought about going to do something with the boys but then decided against it, they were happy watching cartoons (can you tell they don't get to watch many cartoons at home) Jason ended up getting done earlier than expected so we were able to leave a little earlier.  We decided to have lunch before he headed on our way home.  We went and found an On the Border our favorite Mexican restaurant that they don't have in Utah had lunch and headed home.

So while Jason and I were in the shower, that last morning I put cartoons on for the boys and when we got out of the shower this is what I found.  Noah had decided to try and get a treat from the mini bar.  This silly mini bar had a timer on it so if things are removed for longer than 60 sec then you are charged for it.  I quickly put it back in hopes we wouldn't be charged for it.  We lucked out and weren't.