Monday, April 9, 2012


My mom had her annual Easter Egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter like she does every year.  This year there weren't many kids there, so they each got way more eggs than they knew what to do with!  I am so glad that the day turned out nice and fairly warm, we still had snow on the ground at our house so I was a little worried, but there wasn't any at my mom's house.  I can't believe that I didn't get one picture of the boys together or one of our family, I guess I figured I would do that on Sunday when we went down for Easter dinner.  Little did I know I would get so sick Sunday morning I had Jason take me to the hospital because I thought i was going to die.  It turned out to me nothing they could find so they sent me home with some drugs and that seemed to do the trick.  Anyways back to the important stuff like finding lots of eggs!!!

The small group this year, my boys were very out numbered!

Noah had the right idea, have your uncle carry the basket so you can find eggs faster.

Not sure what happened, but I am sure it was horrible

Oh wait the other one is crying now

 yummy jelly bean

There are always surprise pictures when Jason gets hold of the camera, at least there's proof I was there.

There was also an egg roll down the hill, the kids LOVED this, they had so much fun throwing the eggs down the hill and watching to see who's would win.

My boys love their uncles, they walk in the door and the wrestling starts, oh wait one nephew isn't enough, we need to to jump on Uncle Leland.

My boys wanted to stay at Grandma's house which I kind of figured that they would want to, so I planned ahead and had their stuff for Easter with us so they could stay.  It was nice Jason and I got to have a date night, he did have to meet with his school group for about an hour so I went with him and went to check out City Creek.  When he was done we went to dinner then home.  I am sad that I missed all of sunday and we have no family picture on Easter, but at least the boys got to have fun and I was able to get some rest at home.