Monday, April 30, 2012

April happenings

I can't believe that April is over already I swear time is just flying by so fast these days.  We are all waiting patiently for Jason to finish his finals this week so we can have daddy around for the summer.  I know we are looking forward to that.  The biggest thing that has happened lately is Noah is potty trained!!!  I started last week and it was one long week with lots of accidents (which I know is to be expected) but he finally went poop in the potty on Sunday and I was thrilled, so lets hope he continues to do so I am loving this not changing diapers thing.  Noah I am sorry about posting pictures like this of you, I am sure one day you will be very embarrassed but it is my right as a mother.

We went and surprised grandma at work and Noah made himself right at home.

The weather has been so nice we pulled out the bikes and the bike trailer and have gone on a few rides.  The boys love to ride in the trailer, who am I kidding some times I wish I was riding in the trailer.

Ashton has been riding his bike so well again this year, he learned how to ride with no training wheels late last summer and he picked it right back up again.  He is getting better at making it to the top of the street which in on an incline, so I am so proud of him. 

Of course Noah isn't about to be left out of riding bikes, he gets on this little bike and follows after Ashton and Daddy, it makes me a little nervous when he heads in the street after them. 

I was on the computer and turned around, Ashton had fallen asleep on the floor.

Noah is so addicted to the Ipad, I have to hide it most days  cause if I don't he turns into a little monster. 

I wish I could say we have made some progress on the bathroom but this is what it has looked like for the last month.  At least the toilet works, I need Jason's help to get the sink in and then I can get the finishing touches done.  As soon as school is over this is the first project Jason gets to help me with.

The boys have an entire playroom filled with toys to play with and what are they doing, watching the Ipads, its another reason they are hidden so often.

I love love when this tree is in bloom, it is so pretty.

Ashton needed something to put his tooth in when he lost it so I quickly made this up for him that day.  I found the idea on pinterest, and just made it with the fabric I had at home on hand.  It think it turned out pretty cute.  We will be using it again pretty soon, Ashton has another loose tooth.

Noah asleep in the trailer on another bike ride. 

I love moments like this when they are being so cute together, it is a rare thing these days.

I finally finished the gallery wall in the family room, I love how it turned out with all the different frames.

 I had to order a new case for my iPhone, my old one had a crack in it and was catching on everything.

We finally got the boys bunk beds, they are darker than what I originally wanted but I still like them, and the boys love them so that is what matters.  I actually think that with the bunk beds in this room it makes it look bigger, which is a good thing we rooms as small as these.

On my hunt last minute for the bunk beds I came across this bed for Jason and I.  I have been wanting this bed forever from Pottery Barn but just couldn't stomach how much it cost, so when I found it for 1/3 of the price at Down East Home I was thrilled.  I feel so grown up with such a nice bed finally after almost 6 years of marriage.

Noah's favorite thing to do while Ashton in at Preschool is going to Target and getting a bagel.  We do this a couple of times a week.