Monday, January 17, 2011

Poor Jason

So this last week Jason has been sick yet again, and finally on Friday he had enough and needed me to take him to insta care.  He kept saying that he was having some of the same symptoms that he had years ago when he was in Tucson and he ended up having pericarditis.  I was going to send him off himself but he was feeling a little dizzy and asked me to take him.  We loaded the boys up in the car and off we went. 

We spent about an hour at the insta care, the boys were really good they watched TV, and played with the little toy tables that they had, and I had also brought Ashton's leapster and I had my phone so I was prepared to keep them entertained. While I was waiting I found a new picture app so I was playing around with it.  It is kind of fun using all the different filters.

When Jason came out he said we needed to go to the ER, they were sending his stuff over to Lakeview hospital so we needed to go right away.  They needed to run some more tests.  On our way over I called my mom and asked if she could come and get the boys. 

We got to the ER and they were ready for him almost immediately, they took him back and started a bunch more tests.  Meanwhile I was with the boys in the waiting room, they sat with me for a little while, then Noah decided to start pushing chairs all over.  I needed to distract him with something one of the receptionists brought them some crayons and coloring books.  That worked for a while, then Noah was bored again, I bought them some chips and when those were gone, I moved to whatever I could find in my purse.  I found two suckers and then I just let them run around where we were waiting. 

Overall the boys were really good, I could tell that they were getting restless but they just were playing with each other really well.  My mom got there after we had been there for about an hour and a half and she took them home with her.  Once the boys were gone I got to go back and sit with Jason while we were waiting for the results from the tests.  It was Pericarditis, they weren't going to admit him they said he could go home but  if it got any worse then we had to come back.  We were suppose to make and appointment to see the cardiologist Mon or Tues so he could run another test, but of course they can't see him until wed morning.  So now we just have to wait until then to find out anything more. 

Thank goodness Jason isn't in pain anymore the meds are working as long as he keeps taking them,  He can't go back to work until he is cleared from the Dr so hopefully all will go well.  We have to totally thank my Mom and Myron who came and got the boys on Sat and they kept them until today when she brought them home.  I think it was good for Jason to have a couple of days of peace and quiet so he can get better.  We are so fortunate to have parents who are so willing to help us and take the boys when ever we need it.


Kevin and Amber said...

I'm glad he is feeling better but next time you better call me. I will come get your boys :)

Bellamy Family said...

KARA !!! I told you I would take the boys!! I am mad you didn't just send them home with me ... I was there for heaven sakes!! plus my boys would have loved it:) next time let me take them, I'll even bring them back when you're done.