Monday, January 31, 2011

Carpets cleaned

I wrote this post last week but I was having issues gettinng the pictures uploaded so I never got around to posting it.  I guess better late than never :)

So I had called and scheduled to have our carpets cleaned last week, they really needed it.  They haven't ever been cleaned and it has been almost 3 years since the carpet was put in.  So they were coming Monday at 11.  Well Sunday when Noah woke up from his nap I noticed his left eye was a little goupy and I got a little concerned especially when it kept getting goupy.  So we headed off to insta care, sure enough poor kid had pink eye, and a double ear infection.  Well Monday morning I woke up to Ashton complaining that his ear hurt and he was whimpering about how much it hurt which is so out of character for him, then I noticed his left eye it was getting goupy too.  So I called the DR office and was able to get him in first thing.  He also had pink eye, but his ears looked just fine. 

After all this I was considering canceling the carpet cleaning but I didn't want to reschedule so I still had them come.  I moved all the small furniture and stuff and made a cozy place for us to hang out in the kitchen, while the carpets were being cleaned.  I had kind of forgotten what a pain it is to have this done.  For the most part the boys were pretty good hanging in the kitchen, then Noah wanted to go to sleep so I pulled his mattress from his bed and brought it in and let him have a nap, Ashton decided he wanted to sleep to, which surprised me he hasn't taken naps for a few months now. 

I didn't think about how long the carpets needed to dry so when he was finished cleaning them I headed down to my mom's house to borrow some fans to put all over the house, I ended up staying a little longer than i had planned with having two kids with Pink eye I didn't want them infecting her house too.  I did let them play with the train table, I figured it wouldn't be to bad to wipe that down before we left. 

When we got home the carpets were still pretty wet, so I put fans all around the house to help the carpets dry faster and we all went to bed.  We still have a few spots this morning that aren't totally dry, so I am just adjusting the fans to help them dry a little quicker.  So it looks like we will have to spend another day hanging in the kitchen.  I probably could let them lose but I don't want to have to clean these carpets again so the less we walk on the damp carpet the better I think.  So far they still think it is pretty cool hanging in the kitchen watching movies on the laptop.  Lets hope they still feel this way this afternoon.