Saturday, November 28, 2009


We headed down to my mom's house early this year so I could help in the kitchen. With mom only having one good arm she is a little slow. Josh came and stayed at our house for a few days to he spent the holiday with us this year. Since I was helping in the kitchen Jason and Josh were in charge of Ashton and Noah. Things went really smooth and we actually had everything ready to eat on time. We tried to take a family picture because we need a new one and the only person we were missing was Tyson, but they didn't turn out as great as we had hoped. I need to do some editing before I am going to show the picture to anyone :)

Dinner was delicious as ever we had Turkey with a juniper butter, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, cauliflower and cheese sauce, fruit salad, rolls, celery and cheese, pickles and olives. It was all delicious, it is so fun to have at least one child who will eat anything you give him, Noah loved everything we gave him and he tried some of everything.

Jason and Josh after dinner they couldn't stay awake.

Because I was busy in the kitchen I forgot to take pictures during the day I only got a couple, so I will have to see what pics my mom took and get some from her.
Uncle Aaron was rubbing Ashton's back, while he was watching a movie. Ashton is so funny, hw loves to have his tummy and or back rubbed. He will pull up his shirt so it is on his skin and it's like he falls into some kind of trance, he is in heaven. This reminds me of the twins when we were growing up they loved to have their stomachs rubbed, I use to do this for them too.