Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason

All of my boys have their birthdays in November, so it makes for a busy month but then I am done with Birthdays for quite a while. We headed to lunch with my brothers and Mom and Myron at the Red Iguana then came back to our house for cake and presents. Well that was the plan anyways but no one wanted to have cake after lunch so we just did presents.

I think the favorite present had to be the Nerf gun, and I am not sure who had the most fun the adults or the kids. Of course the battery in my camera died after I got just a couple of pictures so I don't have any of the boys playing with the gun. I wish I did it was so funny to watch them play.

Then we had the Bellamys over and we played games and had cake. I hope it was a fun day for Jason I did let him decide what he wanted to do all day. I love you babe and hope you have a great year ahead of you!


klynnphotography said...
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klynnphotography said...

Jason, I totally can't believe that you are that old ... you don't even look like you just hit the BIG 4-0.
Kara that cake was awesome!! and if I must say so myself games turned out to be really fun:) wa ha ha ha

Ariana said...

Awesome cake!!