Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Noah

Now if someone would of told me that I would have two children with their birthdays a day apart, I would of laughed at them and thought that would be impossible.

I now know that it is definitely possible. My boys are two years and 1 day apart. I guess I should be glad I didn't have them on the same day, that would of been really weird.

Noah was so cute at the party on Saturday he really didn't know what was going on except for the fact that there were a ton of people all over his house. He actually helped a little bit in tearing off the wrapping paper on some of this presents. He got some really fun toys and books, that I know both boys will enjoy.

One of these days Noah will stop drooling, but until that day he shirts stay soaked like this most of the time.

I made him his own cake to dig into, but I did forget to take it out of the fridge before I gave it to him so the icing was hard and he couldn't dig into it. Korie took a little piece out of one corner for him to get started with the cake, but Noah just wasn't interested. He actually pushed the cake off his tray, and I barely caught it in time before it hit the floor. I of course didn't get any pictures of him eating the cake but I know Korie did. Noah did get another first at the party, Korie gave him a sucker and he LOVED it, it was really cute watching him suck on it he knew exactly what to do with it.

I made one big cake to eat. There was a number 1 for Noah then a number 3 for Ashton. It was a new recipe I found a white sour cream almond cake with a homemade raspberry filling. It was so delicious if I do say so myself.

Because we had a party for the boys on Saturday I decided that we needed to make their birthday day special too. For Noah we went to play group today because Amber was having a party for Nathan who's birthday is on Friday, then we headed home for nap time. I want to make the day special for Noah, but I am also realistic about the fact that he doesn't know what is going on. So maybe he will get lucky and get some fun treat tonight. I am debating whether or not to give him another present to open. We only gave him one at the party and originally I was going to give him one today also, but in light of all the stuff the boys got I figured he isn't going to know the difference.

Some of Noah's favorites at one:

Mom, he is definitely a mamma's boy both boys actually are and have been since I haven't been working. I am not so sure how I feel about this, I liked it when Daddy could do things for them and it didn't have to be me all the time

Binky, he loves his binky, usually the only time he will spit it out is for food

Food, he will eat anything you put in front of him. It is so nice to have at least one child that is easy to feed

Noah has become a much happier baby as his mobility has gotten better, he is walking all over the place and has been since the beginning of October.

He loves to play with Ashton, and do whatever his big brother is doing

Books, he loves to flip the pages

Blanket, he has just recently become attached to it, he tries to walk around with it but he usually trips on it. Now I have two boys with favorite blankets, which is fun, but also a pain if it ever forgotten for sleepovers.

Noah has started to defend himself by pulling hair. I don't let him do it, but on the other hand with how Ashton has picked on him I kind of think he deserves it sometimes :)

The cats, he loves to pet them and loves it when they play with him. The cats are getting better about letting the boys pet them.

Noah likes to throw temper tantrums when he doesn't get his own way. I usually just laugh and let him do it.

I can't imagine my life with out Noah in it. I know some days that I wonder if I can really handle these boys but I would never want to know what my life is like without them. They are two of the cutest kids I know. I know all mom's think that about their children and that is okay.

happy birthday Noah Mommy loves you!!!


Topher, Natalie, Macie, and "The Brand New" Hazel said...

Both post are really really sweet Kara. Your boys are adorable, and I can't believe Noah is ONE. It goes by so fast.
Thanks for the invite to the party, you did an incredible job... with EVERYTHING.

Ariana said...

I can't believe Noah is one already!! Where on earth did this year go???? Looks like you guys had a fun party. Happy belated b-day to both cute boys!