Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Week 2 boot camp

So this is week #2 for boot camp. I am really liking getting up in the morning and working out, it is so much better than doing it in the evening. I like that fact that there are lots of people in my class so that all the attention is not on me all the time like it was the first time I did boot camp. I haven't gotten on a scale yet to see if I have lost any weight yet, but I do feel much better since I started exercising. I don't even have a scale at home. maybe I should go and buy one.

Also on a different note, I am officially done nursing Noah. I was still trying to nurse him once or twice a day, but last week he decided that he didn't want to nurse anymore. I am totally fine with this, I had told myself I was going to make it to 6 months and I did, I almost made it to 7 months so I feel pretty good about that.

Today we got to go and check out a fire truck at the fire station in Centerville. Natalie's husband is a firefighter and so we went to see him during playgroup today. Ashton loved the truck he had a blast climbing in the truck and wearing his fire hat. He tried on one of the big hats he was barely able to hold his head up with it on his head. He got to have one of his own little hats, which he didn't want to take off it was cute. He even got to spray water from a fire hose on the back of the truck. Ashton was a little scared at first but when he saw Macy and Nate doing it he finally wanted to try it. I was so bumbed I didn't have my camera with me (I thought it was in my purse and it wasn't, I am going to have to go find it) so the only pictures I got were on my phone. so they weren't awesome, but at least I got some.

Ashton and Macy with the fire hose

Nate and Ashton in the truck, and Ashton in the hat he was barely able to pick up