Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My boys desperately needed haircuts, as you can see in the pictures above. So I thought that today would be a good day to do it. I told Ashton we were going to go get a haircut. He seemed excited about it, and kept saying "aircut", "aircut mom". We got to cookie cutters and they were pretty busy we were told there would be a 15 min wait, which was just fine then Ashton could play for a little bit. Noah went first and he did great he fussed a little bit, but he had his binky so it wasn't to bad.

Next came the devil child (I say this love mom!) I thought with Ashton getting to play and Noah going first and him watching it would be better. He flipped out, I could not get him in the seat, I couldn't even get him to stand in the car. He cried and screamed like I was beating him right there. After about 10 or so mins of me struggling with him, I told the lady I will just hold him. So with me holding him screaming and kicking and arms all over the place she cut his hair.

It was by far the worst experience we have had. Nothing worked for him today, not a movie, not a sucker, not bubbles, nothing he screamed and cried. I was told this wasn't the worst she has had to deal with but I kind of think she was being nice about it.

And what was Noah doing while all of this was going on. I had put him in his car seat and strapped him in and left him in the front of the store. A nice lady sitting waiting for her son to get a haircut, was rocking him in his seat cause he had started to cry, but I would of never heard it over the racket Ashton was making. I almost had forgotten I had a second child. I must be an awful mother.

If Ashton didn't look so much like an orphan child with his hair long I would just let it go, but I can't. So until he figures out it is not painful I guess this is what we have to go through.

As we are walking to the car, I am covered in hair and itching like crazy, I look at Ashton and decided I am not going to put him in his carseat with his shirt covered in hair, so I take his shirt off. That set off another round of screaming for most of the ride home, thank goodness it only took about 10mins to get home.
As soon as we were home Ashton was happy like nothing had ever happened.


The Pitcher Family said...

Can I just say that this could have been my story ... WORD FOR WORD!!

They keep telling me it doesn't last forever

I'm still waiting

** Korie

Lisa said...

cute haircuts though!