Thursday, June 25, 2009

trains, and planes

So out of habit I look in the classifieds on KSL all the time for toys or whatever for Ashton. I scored big this time. I found this huge set airplane set, with the airport, barn and bridge with the plane for $50. Just the airport alone is $50 at Target (we have to check out the trains every time we go to Target, Ashton asks as soon as we get in the parking lot) We set it up in the living room and added the stuff we already had, it has been so much fun.

Now all we need is a room big enough for this to stay up all the time. It doesn't get to stay in the living room forever.


Bellamy Family said...

I cannot keep up with you guys and I even started first !!
I keep adding everything you do and now I need to buy the stupid bridge!!