Sunday, November 2, 2008


This year Ashton was a monkey. I wasn't sure how he would do wearing his costume because he hates to have things on his head. But he seemed just fine with it. I put him in his costume about 4:00 while grandma was visiting and he stayed in it until I finally took it off about 8:30pm. I did feel a little bad when I took his hat off his poor head was so sweaty so I am sure he was hot. But he sure did make a cute monkey.
Off we go trick or treating

I loved how he was carrying his bucket over his shoulder

He did really well trick or treating. We only went to a couple of houses in our neighborhood. The first house we went to, the guy let Ashton pick what he wanted. So Ashton grabbed the whole basket of candy and handed him his empty pumpkin bucket and turned to walk away. This child sure cracks me up with what he comes up with sometimes.

After going trick or treating we had the Bellamys and the Gibsons over for dinner. Our menu included cockroach puree, roadkill, graveyard delights, and ghosts in the bayou. It was a fun dinner for the adults and the boys got to play.