Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Noah's first stitches

So Noah got his first stitches two months ago, thanks to him and Ashton fighting one morning.  It was before breakfast one morning and the boys started fighting over something and the next thing I know Noah is crying and his lip is bleeding pretty good.  Come to find out Ashton hit him with a gun, he immediately felt bad and was apologizing to Noah.  I knew right away I was going to have to taken him for stitches.  I called Jason and asked if he could come home to take care of Caitlin so I didn't have to worry about her along with Noah.  So he came home and I took Noah to insta care to get it stitched up, turns out they wouldn't touch his lip because it crossed the vermilion border which is the border between the lip and skin above it.  SO they sent us to primary children's to get it taken care of.  We headed up there they knew we were coming and we got settled in a room and we had to wait.  They told him he could have an ipad to play on while we were waiting and he was pretty excited about that.  They gave him some medication to help him be calm and it would also help him forget what was happening.  It was pretty funny as soon as the medication went to affect he kept falling over and he couldn't hold his arm up to play on the ipad any more.  They came in and had to numb his lip and get it sewed up.  He wasn't super cooperative so it was tough to watch, it took a couple people to hold him down and get the stitches in.  Once they were done he got to play the ipad again and then they brought him a slushie.  this wasn't the way that I had planned to spend my day and I was sure it wasn't the way Jason planned on spending his.  I thought it was funny when you asked him what the worst part about it was when he had to get the medicine in his nose.  He didn't even remember getting the shot or the stitches.