Monday, June 2, 2014

Last day of school

So on Noah's last day of preschool he had a short little program then had some cookies.  I was nervous with how he was going to do in his program because I had tried to get him to practice his lines but he wouldn't practice them at home, he kept telling me he only would say that at school.  When we got to the program Noah was being really silly and kept his face covered either with his shirt or his hands.  He did great with this lines and said all of them, even though he kept his eyes covered.  He is one silly boy.  Miss Melanie was great and Noah seemed to have fun when he was there.  He didn't want to go some days but he was always happy when I picked him up.  He is onto Kindergarten this fall and I am excited and also nervous at the same time.

Ashton's last day of school was a week later and I was thrilled and nervous both at the same time.  I am nervous to have all the boys home all day log and keep them entertained.  I am so proud of Ashton and all he has done this year, he is such a smart kid and I love the boy he is turning into.

He loved riding his bike to school once we let him this spring.

A little comparison first and last day of school

Last day of school pool and water balloons.  Caitlin was of course right in the middle of the boys.