Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter 2014

So we had Easter dinner at Mom and Myron's Sunday afternoon.  We got up and the Easter bunny had left some baskets for everyone and we had fun playing with the new toys.

She left these ears on for a good 20 minutes or so, I thought that was pretty impressive.

She loved her new pink toothbrush.  She loves daddy's so much the Easter Bunny thought she needed one of her own to chew on.

The boys checking out their baskets.  Noah loved his Fart gun and

We headed down for lunch and got to have more yummy food

We also did our annual egg bashing contest.  The little boys look forward to this every year.  This year I ended up the winner, ya me!  I thought it was cute Myron's dad got up and played with us.

Caitlin just wanted to play  with all the eggs

Grandma was teaching Caitlin how to throw the eggs down the hill.