Thursday, May 1, 2014

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Mom had her annual Easter Egg hunt Saturday before Easter, the boys were pretty excited about it and kept talking about it for days.  This year our friends the Jones family came so it was nice to have some friends there that we knew and that the kids knew rather than just the ones from mom's ward.  When we got there Myron was putting out the last of the candy so Jason and Leland went to help.

Caitlin ran out there and she was helping herself to eggs left and right.  She managed to get one open and was going to make a mess with the chocolate kiss so I had to take it away from her.  She was not a happy girl about that.

I wanted to get a family picture I always seem to remember at the end of the day when everyone is grumpy and we want to head home.  So I remembered right when we got to mom's house and we tried for a good family picture.  This was the best we could get.  I know it looks like Ashton is laughing but he is actually crying because Noah hit him in the stomach.


I wanted a picture with my brothers I don't think we have many of these.

Dad and Val also came with Megan and her 4 kids so that was nice to see them again. I also got the meet her youngest one who was about 8 months old.

The big group of kids waiting to get to go hunt for all the eggs.

Caitlin's first egg hunt.  She did pretty good, with Jason helping her and telling her what eggs to pick up.

Noah was pretty excited to show off his cameo egg he found.  I did have a new outfit for him to wear but he wasn't having it so I decided not to make a fight about it.

I loved this, Caitlin saw her brothers sitting and going through their baskets so she had to take hers over by them and sit and do the same thing.

After the egg hunt we had lunch and then had an egg roll down the hill and also some egg races.  Then it was time to just hang out.  We had so much fun and the weather was perfect for it.  It did get a little warmer than we had anticipated but we were all loving the sunshine.

Noah was thrilled with his bunny glasses he won from the egg race.

Leland is trying desperately to have Caitlin like him.  She is definitely a mommas girl.  I told Leland to go and get a sucker from my purse and figured that would be a good step for him.  She was thrilled for a minute then she was done with him once again.  Have no fear Leland I am sure one of these days she is going to love her Uncle Leland as much as the boys do.  He also Loves (not) her outfit he hates when I put her in these ruffled pants.  I don't really care though cause they are the cutest things ever!!

We finally left around 3:00 Caitlin was losing it with no sleep so we needed to get home.  She slept the whole way home and then I put her down and she slept for another 1 1/2 so she was one tired girl.  I hope these kids know how lucky they are to have a grandma that loves to do these types of things for them.  We tried to get a picture with grandma and grandpa and the grand kids, but this time Caitlin was not happy about it.  These two are the best Grandparents around, they are so good to my kids and I hope one day they know how lucky they are to have such awesome people in their lives.