Wednesday, March 5, 2014

iphone dump

So we have been working on the house since the beginning of the year.  We have been slowly making this house our own.  I want to change the paint of most of the house, this is something I wanted to do before we moved in but we ran out of time.  So I picked samples of what I liked the best and painted swatches on different walls to see how it looked at different times of the day.  Here we are a month or so later and they are still there and I think I have the color picked out.  I struggled with this because the colors I wanted and liked the best were in the cool family and that doesn't work with the kitchen cabinets or floors and those things are not changing (at least not yet) so it has been hard to find a grey that I liked and would work with what we have.

 I actually started the whole making changes to the house one afternoon when I decided to move the furniture around.  I was able to move the couch and chairs, but had to wait till Jason got home to move the TV stand.  That was our jumping off point and it has all snowballed since then.
This is what the room looked like before, its not the best one but it was the only one I could find.

These were while I was in the process of moving the couch and and chairs and then had to wait for help.

We decided we liked this layout much better than what we had before.  This is when we decided to start looking for more stuff for the room.

We have been spending lots of time at Home Goods lately, so much that when we mention we want to go there the boys throw a fit.  But we have found some great decorating stuff for the house.  The family room is slowly evolving and coming together nicely.  I still haven't painted but once I get that done I know it will make a big difference.

While we were working on the family room I got the wild idea to work on our bedroom also.  So I decided to paint our bedroom.  What started it was I found some artwork I fell in love with so that made we want to make some changes now.  I still want to get different chairs or at least attempt to try to recover the ones I have and I need some new bedding and some more art on a wall but it is coming along.

We have been making progress on the family room with more artwork and different decor.   We did find some more neutral chairs this last weekend at, surprise! Home Goods, they work much better than the blues ones prior.    Jason keeps saying it would look much better without all the toys and he is right but the reality is that we have kids and the toys aren't going anywhere any time soon so we just have to make the best of it.    We would like to find a large cozy chair for the corner with the blue chair in it. But we are both loving how things are coming together.

So here is what the family room looks like today.  We still have some work to be done but we are loving how it is coming along. Oh and don't mind the one closed blind, it broke last week so now we have to try to fix it or figure out who makes them so we can match the ones we have.  Because I really don' t want to have to replace all the binds.

Then of course there was Jason's new television.  He felt like out room needed a bigger TV so he had been on the look out for a while.  The price ended up being perfect one afternoon so he jumped and ordered one.  the price of the TV since we bought it has since tripled, I joked with him that if we ever needed some quick cash we could just sell the TV.  Not sure he thought that was funny.  We had to get a different TV stand our old one wasn't big enough for the new TV and it was yellow and didn't work in the room very well.  This one works much better.

I also did a little makeover in the mudroom, I could not handle the shoes and coats everywhere any more.  I ultimately want some built in put in but until I can find someone to do it for me this will make things easier in the mean time.  I got a couple shoe organizers and put some foam I had on hand on top with some fabric I also had on hand.  I want to get some different fabric but for now it works.  We made the coat rack, we got a board at home depot, I used the router on the edges to make a nice edge and painted it and bought the hooks.  It is not perfect bu for now it makes the room much more user friendly.

I put some more things up in Caitlin's room, It finished off the corner which I always thought was lacking a bit.  I still need a bookcase to put out all her books and a few toys but it is coming along.

I was going through a bunch of photos recently and I was sad to put away all these photos I love and have up around the house.  So instead of putting them away in a box I taped them up on a blank wall in the laundry room.  It is silly but it makes me happy to see my family when i am in there doing laundry.

Caitlin turned one and we had a little party for her.  I still can't believe how fast this last year has gone.

The twins had to go do a color guard on Caitlins birthday after her party so they brought their dress blues to put on and then go.  I snapped a quick picture cause they looked so good.

While getting the mail one afternoon we saw some little ponies walking down the road they were nice enough to stop and let us pet them and even let the kids ride them for a minute.

She has been loving going outside, she is super happy whenever we are out there.  The downside is that she heads for the road every time and thinks it a joke and laughs and keeps trying for the road.  This summer at the park is not going to be as relaxing as they have been the last few years.  I will be chasing this little one.  She loves the swings so I see us spending lots of time on them.

Caitlin's hair is just barely long enough to be put in two pigtails.  It is the cutest thing ever, but it does make her look older which makes me sad.  Also after naps her hair looks a little rough in the evenings.  I usually leave it cause she throws a pretty big fit every morning while I am doing her hair.  I figure once a day enough torture for her.

I have been wanting large canvases of the kids as babies for a while, I finally caught a sale and ordered them.  I hung them in the office on the large blank wall.  I like how they turned out but on such a big wall they sure seem small and now I am thinking I need to do something else to the wall like some board and batten or something.  I guess I have my next project.

 Finally after being toothless for 7 months, yes you heard that right seven months, Ashton's front teeth are finally coming in.

Caitlin was so cute cuddling up with Jason the other night, she usually isn't a cuddly like this so I had to document it.