Friday, March 28, 2014


This little girl is such a funny little thing.  It is funny to watch her little personality come out.  I was over at my friends Chelsea's house and she was wanting to love on Hazen, she kept wanting to hug him then she wanted to sit in his lap.  He wasn't so sure what he was suppose to think about her.

She and Noah have this cute little relationship developing.  At first she wasn't a big fan of his but now she likes to climb all over him and play with him.  I am sure it is because he is the one home with her most of the time while Ashton is at school.

She has also become a big climber she likes to climb into chairs and boxes and anything else she can find.

This is how I get things done in the mornings when Caitlin is being super needy.  I put on a baby Einstein, she loves them and would watch them all day long if I would let her.