Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentines day

This year I kind of felt Valentines was a little overshadowed by Caitlin's Birthday the next day.  Which I guess is how it is going to be from now on!  I helped the boys with their valentines, I found an idea online and copied it.  I had them write their names on them.  Noah was funny when I told him he needed to write his name on 20 of them.  he freaked out and said he couldn't do it that many times, so I broke it up and had him do 8 to start with and he was okay with that.  After about 3 he needed to stop and take a break cause his hand was tired, then he would do a few more and have to stop.  He ended up getting all 20 done like that.  Ashton flew through all of his and was done before Noah was and he started way after him.  

I did make sugar cookies but I didn't have the boys help decorate them, I had made them for Caitlin's party and then a few heart ones to give to everyone on valentines.  I got a few treats for everyone and set it out on the counter for them to find in the morning.  

I made heart shaped pancakes and the boys thought that was pretty fun.  Ashton headed off to school and I finished getting ready for Caitlin's party.  Jason out did himself once again on flowers.  They are amazing and made the house smell so good.  The ladies were cute when they delivered them making sure they had the right house they didn't want to give them to the wrong person.  

My mom came up to visit and give us each a little valentine.  She was only here for a couple of hours then she had to head back home again, but it was fun to see her for a little bit.  

Aaron came and babysat for us so Jason and I could go out.  i guess I should of planned better and gotten reservations somewhere cause we tried 3 different places and the wait was 2-3 hours everywhere.  We finally found Alamexo a place downtown and they were supposedly  all booked up with reservations but the place was empty.  We were able to eat at the bar so that is what we did.  The food was just okay, not terribly impressed.  We had parked at city creek and walked the couple of blocks to the restaurant so we walked back and went to Lush to get some bath stuff and then couldn't decide what else we should do.  We were in between movie times, even then there wasn't much we wanted to even see.  We tried to go play pool but they had taken the pool table out.  So we ended up being home by 9:00.  We are so boring, oh well it was still fun to get out with no kids and spend some time together.  Next year I will be better prepared and make some reservations or something.