Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

So I got an email a couple of weeks ago about the Odyssey Dance company about their upcoming shows at Kingsbury Hall.  We try to go and see Thriller that they do, every Halloween so I decided to check it out.  They had Romeo and Juliet playing this last weekend and I had a great idea about it being a perfect pre Valentines date for us.  So I managed to get some great seats for a great price and was thrilled for our surprise date.  I kept it a secret from Jason till Saturday morning, I had it all arranged with my mom she was going to be coming to get the boys and would keep them overnight and we would pick them up Sunday and have dinner.  I also made us reservations for dinner at Market Street Broiler, the reservations were for 5pm which was a little early and I felt like and old person but I knew the show started at 7:30 and didn't want to be rushed.  It all worked out perfectly, dinner was fantastic we both got steak and crab and I was in heaven it has been a while since I've had crab.  They also had these amazing Au gratin potatoes that I couldn't stop eating.  Overall it was a fantastic evening, another reason I planned this night early was I knew Jason would be working and then he had school on Valentines so I wasn't even really even going to see him.  Well as it turned out he took Monday and Tuesday off but he has been crazily studying for midterms so it was almost like he wasn't home. 

The boys found a fun surprise this morning when they headed to the kitchen for breakfast.  They each got a little mailbox with a few little prizes inside.  There was one for each of my boys, there were also hearts all over the table, chairs, wall, and window.  The boys thought that was the  funniest thing ever having hearts all over the place. 

Jason said he wanted to go and get a coffee and was going to pick us up some breakfast (I was going to make us something, but who can turn down food I don't have to make or clean up)  So he headed out and came home with breakfast and these

I am one luck girl, I was totally not expecting anything, Jason thinks these kind of holidays are silly but I still love them.  So far this valentines rocks, I am thinking that I will take the boys to the new Natural History Museum or something like that to get out of the house and let Daddy study in peace!

Happy Valentines Day to all my boys!!!