Thursday, February 23, 2012

February happenings

So I can't believe that February is almost over, it has flown by very very quickly.  On one hand it seems like we haven't done much of anything but then on the other hand I also feel like a lot has happened.  So to start off the month I decided I was done with the ugly bathroom downstairs, if you remember I posted a very unfortunate picture of it a while ago and it has been a disaster for a long time.  I had been reading a blog recently and she had done a make over of a small bathroom and she used paintable wallpaper that looked like bead board, and I was immediately  sold on the idea.  I actually went to Lowes the next day to get a roll, it was 20 bucks a roll and I was hoping I could do the whole room with one roll.  So I got to work taking everything out of the bathroom and then I had to clean it really good, I am a little embarrassed to admit that there was still reside on the walls from the previous wallpaper that I had taken down OVER 2 YEARS ago.  I know sad, oh well once I got the room all cleaned I had to prime the walls that were going to get the wallpaper, I almost skipped this step because I was so anxious to get the wall paper up but I didn't.  I only primed the bottom half of the room that was going to have the wallpaper on it the rest of it I am going to paint but I haven't decided what to do yet with it so I just left it alone for the time being.  The next day I was able to get the wall paper up, I got almost the whole room done but ran out of paper so I did have to go and get another roll.  My brother Josh came up to hang out so he helped me take the toilet out and we tried to get the old vanity our but it was stuck pretty good to the wall and I didn't want to have to make major repairs to the wall so we left it.  I was able to finish the wallpapering and so in one day so I was pretty happy with how it was turning out.  When Jason came home I showed him what I had been up to and he seemed to like it but thought I needed to take out the vanity so he helped me get it out.  I had to do some repairs to the wall so the rest of the wall paper had to wait

The next day I got the stuff to repair the wall got it up and then got to work laying the tile.  I have only tiled one other time and that was when we did the kitchen and I wasn't doing it alone.  I watched a few videos online and then went for it.  Because  the linoleum was glued to the concrete I left it there and just tiled over it.  I got the bathroom about 90% done and I was feeling pretty proud of myself it looked pretty good, it wasn't perfect but lets face it nothing I do is perfect and I am OK with that I don't have to have things perfect, but I am married to someone who has to have things perfect so I knew he wasn't going to be thrilled but I tried to make sure it wasn't going to be super noticeable.  Things were looking good then I was talking to Jason while he was on his way home and I turned around and Noah was in the bathroom walking on my freshly tiled floors.  I screamed at him and then made sure that both boys knew once again that they couldn't go in the bathroom.  When Jason got home we got to clean out the thin set that had been pushed up in between the tiles.  Jason did help me with it but all the while he was critiquing everything I had done complaining about how I wasn't careful enough and some grout lines were bigger and some were smaller, and on and on.  So in a matter of an hour or so I went from feeling pretty good about what I had done and how much progress I had made all on my own, to feeling horrible and not even wanting to finish the project.

That was how the bathroom stayed till  last week and I got the last two strips of wall paper up and then last night I got the tile grouted. We choose a grey grout I figured it would be easier to keep clean then white would be. I did have to make a trip to Home Depot last night because I didn't have enough stuff on hand which I was not thrilled about but I got what I needed and today the tile is grouted and I think it looks pretty fantastic.  I am now back on a role and I am hoping that I can get it put back together within the next week or so.  I am amazed at how much we are missing the bathroom.  I didn't think we used it much but we really did use it a lot.  I was able to find a new pedestal sink on KSL, for really cheap which i was thrilled about because I was not happy with how much the sinks and vanities were for the ones that we liked.  Yes we could of gone really really cheap but we both wanted something that still looked good.  I have decided to paint the upper walls a grey I just need to find the right shade, this room is so tiny and it has no natural light at all so I don't want to go too dark in there.  You just have to ignore the ugly ugly shower, those things are pricey and I don't really want to replace it right now so it stays for now.  I was toying with the idea of painting the gold part which would help but then it would still leave the awful brown stripes on the glass, there is no way to get rid of those short of replacing the glass.  I have also thought about putting a shower curtain rod up and putting a curtain over it to hide it but, not sure of that yet either. 

 Myron got baptised at the beginning of the month, so we spent most of the day with family and a ton of other people, there were problem 200-250 people there for Myron.  I only took a few pictures but after the baptism there was a luncheon in the gym.  Noah learned a new skill while we were there, sliding.  He would run and slide like he was sliding head first into home plate it was pretty funny. I know we had a family picture taken of everyone there but I don't have that one. 

Josh has been coming up almost every week and just hanging out with us.  Sometimes I run a quick errand but most of the time we just hang out and the boys play with him while we chat, it has been a lot of fun and reminded me of after Jason and I were first married he would come and spend the weekend with us a lot just hanging out.

I finally got around to making new hand prints for each boy.  I try to do it on or around their birthdays, I am only a few months late.  I want this for each child till they are 5.  So I am done with Ashton, I just need to keep up wit Noah's.  Although he will only end up with 4 hand prints and one foot print, when he was little I couldn't get him to un clench his fist long enough to do so a foot print had to do. 

 Ashton had to make valentines for his pre school class, I went the easy route this year and we just picked ones out from Target, and I had Ashton sign his name. 

There is a new pizza place downtown called the Pie Hole, they have AWESOME pizza, it is so yummy, the place is a dive and it is next door to a bar but man alive do I love the pizza, so after we went to the Natural History Museum on Valentines day we needed to have some lunch so we stopped there, the pizza slices are huge and Noah couldn't pick it up and eat it so he kept it on his plate and ate it that way. 

I had my fingernails painted and Noah wanted to have his painted to so I did it, I so need a girl cause I feel a little bad doing this to my boy.  Funny thing is I left it on for a few days before I took it off and he came to me yesterday and wanted me to paint them again.  Not sure what I have started here.

  Last week I got the opportunity to go and try out a couple new scrap booking classes that will be taught sometime this year at a Creating Keepsakes event.  I dropped the boys off at Buddy Bin and I went and did these two classes and had a lot of fun, it has been quite a while since I have done actual paper scrap booking it  got me motivated to get back to it.  I also came home with a HUGE goodie bag full of new stuff.  The first pages I did, were cute but not my favorite, the second one though I loved, it is totally my style and it will be perfect to use for when Jason and I went to Hawaii last year.

We now only have three cats, we discovered last week that Noni has been peeing in the house, I CAN NOT HAVE A CAT PEEING IN MY HOUSE, I just can't handle it at all, I was trying to get the mess cleaned up and she did it again so I took her to the Humane Society, now I know some people might think that was a little harsh, I know the lady who first was helping me at the Humane society did, she made me feel awful but I just can't handle my house stinking like cat pee.  It is such an awful stench that is so hard to get rid of.  After I dropped Noni off I actually sat in the parking lot and sobbed, I felt so awful for leaving her there.  I cried most of the day and even now if I think to much about it I feel bad, but then I think about my house and how it smells and we had to actually cut out the carpet and pad where she did the most peeing to make the smell go away, then I don't feel as bad.  So right now I have a lovely corner of carpet gone in the living room.  We are trying to decide what flooring to put down.  Jason ended up buying a black light off Amazon and we went through the whole house to make sure she hadn't done it anywhere else, and she had, they were small spots and I was able to clean them up but it was still awful knowing that was in our house.  As soon as we decide what is happening with the flooring the rest of the carpets will be getting cleaned.


Bellamy Family said...

I really can't believe it ... you must be copying my mind because that is the exact tile I was thinking of doing in my basement bathroom. lol! Don't worry, yours will be old by the time I get around to doing anything in my basement. lol!

Ariana said...

I think that looks AWESOME! I painted our upstairs bathroom a similar shade of brown/grey. It was called "native soil" in the paint+primer stuff at Home Depot. I think anyway. The paint chip looked like that--big and rectangular. At first I had a panic and thought I was painting mud on the walls. But after I finished, and painted the tub white and got a white shelf and some other accents, man, i LOVE it!! Love love love. Your bathroom is gonna look amazing! You are so good with color.