Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Temple Square Lights

So I decided tonight would be a great night to go and see the lights at temple sqaure.  It wasn't too cold, or wet so it worked out great. 

We parked at Jason's office and then rode Trax to temple square,  I actually think that riding Trax was the highlight for the boys.  Noah was so excited he didn't want to get off the train. 

As usual the lights were beautiful, We tried to get some cute pics but everytime that we pulled out the camera, Noah's hand went out and he yelled "STOP" so he was not in the mood to be cooperating.  As we were walking around I was carrying Noah, it reminded me of the last time we went.  Noah was only a few weeks old, and I carried him in the Baby Bjorn all bundled up, but he was much lighter than he was tonight.


klynnphotography said...

FUN!!! I think we're going to hit them tonight and maybe we'll park at Spencer's work and ride the train:)

Natalie said...

My kids love the train so much more too!We are going this weekend. You got some good pictures, they might not be exactly what you want, but one day you will look back and remember exactly how that night was:)