Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

This year was very different for us, Jason came home from work on Thursday and felt awful.  He went to sleep and I was hoping he would feel better.  Alas he did not at least not until today.  So we spent the Christmas weekend at home.  We were suppose to be to my mom's house on Christmas eve for dinner and gift exchange with Myron's side of the family.  Then on Christmas there was brunch at my dad's house and a gift exchange there, then back to my mom's house for dinner.  We missed all of it, Jason said I could take the boys and go but that felt wrong, like I was saying "sorry your sick honey, you stay here and be sick and miserable and we are going to go have fun without you"  Jason finally went to insta-care on Sunday and he had some virus that there was nothing to be done he had to just wait it out.  The Dr did say that it is very contagious so most likely we are all going to get it.  That is just wonderful, because we haven't had enough sickness this year (ha ha ha). 

But we did have a great Christmas, the boys were really excited, Ashton couldn't wait he has been asking me for about a week when Christmas was going to be here so he could open his presents.  We just hung out Christmas eve, watched The Grinch, and read a couple of Christmas books, opened pj's that Santa left on the front step, and left Santa some cookies.  The boys went to bed really good, I told Ashton he had to go to bed and stay in bed, because Santa couldn't come if little boys were awake.  Don't know how many more years that is going to work, but I am enjoying it while I can. 

I wanted some cute pics of the boys, and for every cute one I would get then I would get one like

This, I asked him why he was sticking his tongue out, he said because he likes it.  Silly boy

Miracles do happen, I got one pic of Noah smiling, he wasn't looking at the camera but i still got it.  I tired to get one of both the boys but after about 20 tries I stopped it wasn't going to happen.

At least Ashton is at the stage he will smile on command

Daddy and Ashton, poor sick Jason he was feeling so miserable, but he was a good sport to smile for a couple of pics.

This was the best shot of all of us that I could get. Noah was not happy and neither was Ashton for that matter.

Santa came to our house!

Christmas morning, wasn't super early I was the first one up and it was 8:00am I got up and turned all the Christmas lights on then everyone started stirring.  Ashton was so excited to open presents, Noah needed a little if I started opening the present he would finish it.  We all stayed in our pj's all day and the boys played with there new toys all day.  It was a great day just really quiet and calm.

The boys didn't quite know what to do at first seeing all the presents.

Ashton with all his presents

Ashton has been asking for this backhoe loader for months, this was all he wanted.  He was pretty happy when he saw it, but then it was quickly pushed aside for all the other gifts.  I was quite surprised, that he didn't play with it more

 Noah had a momentary fit and threw himself into the wrapping paper.  Don't remember why, something silly.

He was pretty excited about this one, you can see the smile behind the bink

 He couldn't stop looking at this one, it was really funny to watch him.

 This sword was almost as tall as Ashton, he will have fun having sword fights with daddy

Noah trying out his new scooter, they would fight over the one that we had so now there shouldn't be any fights when they are riding their scooters outside, right!

This was the big hit with both of the boys

Ashton was trying out Daddy's new headphones

 The aftermath, the boys had so much fun playing with all their new toys all day.  I would like to say that there weren't any fights, but that would be lying.  But for the most part they played really well most of the day.

Ashton is so good about posing for me when I want to take a picture.  He wanted to be with all of his toys

We got each of the boys a Santa train, but they didn't like the ones that we gave them, so they switched.  It was actually pretty funny, they liked what they other one got and switched and then they were happy.  Noah stayed like this playing trains for hours.  I did make a bigger track for him to play on.

Poor sick Jason, opening presents wore him out.  It is no fun being sick on Christmas.

Another Christmas miracle, Noah actually looking at the camera and there is a smile hidden behind that bink.

Merry Christmas everyone.  We were so blessed and we had a wonderful Christmas, even though we were at home with just the four of us.