Monday, February 22, 2010


Today I took Noah to his 15 month check up, his sats were as follows:

Weight:23 lbs 8 oz

Height: 32 in

Head circ: 18.5 in

The doctor said Noah was considered under weight, now this is a new one for us. Ashton was never under weight he was and still is at the top of his charts, not that is is over weight he is just a solid kid. Any way if you look at Noah he definitely doesn't look under weight, he eats like a horse and so I am not worried it was just comical to me to hear he was under weight.

Poor kid had to have three booster shots today and now he has a fever and just wanted to cuddle all afternoon. He is so busy these days I will take the cuddling when I can get it. I can tell his medicine has kicked in he is much more like himself this evening.


Natalie said...

Is he really underweight? Even with those chubby cheeks? OH well, at least it didn't worry you, you know your kids better than any scale!