Monday, August 24, 2009

scooter and teeth

Ashton has been playing with some friends scooter for a while now. I decided he needed one of his own so I went and got him one. He was really excited about it and couldn't wait till we got home for me to put it together. He actually opened the box himself and started to try to put it together himself while I was eating lunch. It was really cute watching him trying to put it together. When I finally got it put together and we went outside. He played with it for a few minutes then he was done. Isn't that typical!!

Today I discovered on little pearly white tooth coming through Noah's gum. He is finally getting teeth. While I have been wondering when he would start getting his teeth, I am sad to see them come I LOVE his big gummy smiles, they just melt my heart. Also it means that my baby is growing up and that makes me sad. Another milestone he has decided to start mastering is standing by himself without holding onto anything. He can stand for about 5-10 seconds, I am sure he will be walking before I know it.