Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tree removal

I have not blogged forever. I have missed it but then we have been pretty busy lately, working on projects around the house and just being outside enjoying the beautiful weather.
****I am having issues with placing photos, they are a little out of order I have tried to fix it, but nothings seems to be helping. oh well, you still get the idea.******
First of all we decided to cut down 4 pine trees in our backyard. Jason and Gary cut them down one night in about 2 1/2 hours I was amazed how fast it went. I forgot to take a before picture until they already had one tree down.
Here it is with the trees cut down and all cleaned up. The stumps were still in the ground at this point.
The huge pile of branches and tree trunks.

They had already cut down one tree when I remembered I should be taking pictures of this.

The next day my brothers came up and helped me get rid of all the branches and the trees.

Next was the stump removal. It took us almost a week to get them dug up with all the roots. We love the patio now that the trees are gone. They were just to big for the space and it made the patio seem really small. Jason has wanted to cut down these trees for three years now and I never wanted him to. I guess this is one instance I can say "Honey you were right"